Europeo Restaurant, the excellence of the flavors


Definitely the restaurant Europeo moved fur. This place, which was under the direction of chef Carlo Meyer for years, now features a new face. Its chef, Francisco Mandiola, has been able to impose his stamp and make this your own space.

This new European is now a vanguard place where we get carried away by the creations of Mandiola.

We went to try their new tasting menu, a real feast of flavors that is not only a gastronomic experience, but also a dinner that understands marriage as a fundamental part of the visit.

::: Tasting Menu :::The first time this trip began with the summer flavors of Verano Frío (Cold Summer), large caliber fresh shrimp marinated in citrus sauce carefully with a touch of yellow pepper. We followed the ocean road with Angulas, small fish presented with tasty pickled shallots and a powerful hot pepper and thyme oil, which rose elegant spicy flavors.

A plate of various sizes ranging from the ocean to herbal.

The sorprises following with Vegetables and Plants, a beautiful dish where a big stone serves as a support for a tasty onion Ash Puree crowned by baby carrot, radish, burned mushrooms; a complex recipe where first roasted flavors give way to a mild onion taste, which has its counterpoint in fresh vegetables.

A recipe that shows applause.

The next stop was Bow and Saffron. delicate green paste with a silky mascarpone and saffron sauce giving it a creamy texture,  baby onions and pearls of zucchini for crispness and a wonderful piece of lobster, probably one of the tastiest of the capital.

In previous menu we had known the care of this chef by fish, and here this is repeated in Conger eel and Asparagus, stylish setting with a perfect fillet but where the real protagonist is the accompaniment was a boiled egg at low temperature by more than one time and buried in a sand parsley and panko, a game that reaches maximum expression to mix all the ingredients in this playful dish.

Almost reaching the end beef appeared in Ribeye Grilled and Mascarpone, an intense cut where you feel the maturation process, work that gives an unusual intensity and great flavor.

Perfect way to close this lunch came Pine Tree, an herbal deconstruction where the freshness of citrus and apple blend in total harmony with the slight sweetness of meringue and ice cream.

::: Conclusion :::
The Europeo tasting menu is a whole tasty experience. Unlike other places, here the technique is at the service of flavor, ingredients that make visiting this place is a veritable feast of elegant flavors, even if you can appreciate that the marriage is presented.
* To this place we were invited by its chef.
Text: Darío Córdova
Photos: Alejandro Mery
Translation: Consuelo Sandoval

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