The new face of Amicci Restaurant

Saber más de La nueva cara del restaurante AmicciAmicci was one of the interesting openings last year. Located in the same place where it was formerly the Bel Paese and fleetingly Cuore Matto, this place opened with an aggressive proposal, complete remodeling and exported chef included.

Sarhangi Bahar, the Iranian chef who opened the fires of this kitchen is no longer in the project, and hes replacement took Silvana Bettati (owner), who has the mission of giving continuity to this project which pretends show the italian gastronomy as high cuisine.

::: The Starter :::In its new proposal, we tried Grilled Squid Macerated in Lemon Grass, work failed to give much flavor to this recipe, which only managed personality thanks to cherry tomatoes and basil that accompanied it. We continue with a tasty Tecla de Lomo, juicy and firm Wagyucut, in very good company with caramelized onions, roasted tomato and mozzarella.

A greedy and filling appetizer.

If there is a big table, Antipasto Amici would be a good choice, italian selection with a tasty and powerful Lomo, cured salmon with bittersweet touches and elegant taste, a good pate from house, tasty candied shallots and a few pieces of well-ripened Grana Padana that are always appreciated.

If the day is cold, take a risk and ask for a soup of Carrot and Mussel, a big dish, tasty and intense shellfish flavor.

::: Main Dishes :::The first main dish was a satiating Spaghetti Limone, a long pasta a little cream loaded with interesting and long aftertaste of lemon zest. Followed by a powerful dish, the Agnolotti di mele e Gorgonzola with ragout di coniglio, an intense pasta filled with apple chutney, dried fruits and gorgonzola with a tasty rabbit ragout which sadly arrives over reduced.

We returned to the dry pasta Fettuccine di Spinaci with Ragu di Vitello with green pasta tossed with extremely tasty stew of meat, plateada, a tasty dish with good acidity and fine flavors linked.

Finally, came the Costola di Vitello with polenta, roasted marinated in red wine strip that while it had all the flavor of the wine lacked some intensity.

::: Conclusión :::
The new kitchen Amicci follows the path already traced, make this a place for fine Italian cuisine roots, but on the basis of the most homemade dishes. An interesting proposal, something expensive and that while he is on track, still lacks way to go to achieve excellence to which they aspire.
Translated by: Consuelo Sandoval
Text: Darío Córdova    
Photos: Alejandro Mery    

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