República Nikkei, Different oriental cuisine at Santiago’s downtown.

Few years ago we announces an excellent new, The Osaki‘s openning, a restaurant where nikkei cuisine (where Peruvian and Japanese flavors coexist in complete harmony) was shown in all it’s glory.

Unfortunately a building project took it out of this remarkable site. but a couple of months widowers Kitchen chef José Ozaki can breathe easy, as República Nikkei opened a coffee with air restaurant where you can enjoy the good hand of the chef from Peru.

::: Soups and Nibble :::

The place is small, intimate tables and a limited menu, but no less tasty, and so feels from the entry with its Special Suimono, a very tasty miso soup enhance with ramen pasta, tamago, thin slices of smoked pork, wakame and carrots.

A substantial soup that must be among the most interesting in the capital.

A good hand comes with homemade Gyozas. dedicated and crunchy Dim Sung dough, with an elegant filling of pork, far away from bad-cooked industrial doughs of many restaurants of rolls.

A must of this place are Takoyaki, intense dumplings and wheat flour stuffed with vegetables and pieces of octopus creamy texture and intense flavor.

It is worth visiting this place just to try this dish.

::: Main Dishes and Sandwiches :::

One of the specialties of  República Nikkei are the Okonomiyaki, which are basically several ingredients cooked grilled and finished in a pancake-like mass.

In this casem we tried a Okonomiyaki with cabbage, scallions, bacon, masago and mayonnaise Nikkei, a strong and tasty mixture to finish without hunger.
Another strong option on the menu are sandwiches, where the Peruvian tradition feels strongly, as in the case of a classic Sausage our northern neighbor with country ham (cooked pulp dressed with various types of chili and spices) it melts just looking at it and a tasty Creole sauce based on red onion and yellow peppers, all finished with mayo Nikkei and a lettuce leaf to give it freshness.

The flavors fusion again felt in the Yakiniku, outstanding adaptation of Barros Luco, with grilled meat al dente, cheese, creole sauce, tartar and oyster mushrooms.

A success.

::: Conclusion :::

A good opening República Nikkei, a space that offers a different oriental cuisine of the capital proposal. And it does more than reasonable prices.

Their dishes are tasty and filling, two characteristics that make you forget the flaws that can display in infrastructure or the lack of patent alcohols.

Although he makes it well thanks to a good wine soft drinks and an excellent non alcoholic beer.

* We were invited to this place by the ownerA

Text: Darío Córdova    
Photos: Alejandro Mery    
Tanslated by: Consuelo Sandoval

> Restaurante República Nikkei

> Source 800cl: República Nikkei, cocina oriental diferente en el centro de Santiago.



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